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Habana Libre - Michael Dweck & William Westbrook - Secret Life of Cuba

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We developed the idea for Habana Libre while on vacation with our wives sitting around a swimming pool in Mexico in the winter of 2009.
We felt there was a story of Cuba that the world, or at least the world served by Western media, didn’t know. This story would be about a privileged class in a supposedly classless society: the creative class.
We felt the book could be controversial, as it would present a somewhat positive side of Cuba – even glamorous. We’re not used to seeing images of Cuba this way. But the creative class, with its perks and privileges, does exist and does have certain freedoms not granted to the rest of the island’s inhabitants.
We gained tremendous access to this secret world. Our subjects were open to being interviewed and photographed. Organizing Western-style photo shoots is challenging in Cuba, so we mostly shot on the fly and interviewed in studios, hotels and homes.
Cuba is not easy. The services and support for creative projects are lacking but with a little tape and wire and luck you can get on with it.  We had it all.
Interviews by William Westbrook
Published by Damiani editore, Italy
290 pages, 21 four-color plates, 214 duotones plates, multiple gate-folds
Hardcover, jacketed, 9.75 x 12.5 inches
ISBN 978-88-6208-184-9
Retail: $65.00
Publication date: October 1, 2011
Edition size: 3000


MICHAEL DWECK: HABANA LIBRE Limited Edition box set
Signed and numbered book, in a stamped, linen-covered clamshell box or Plexiglass slipcase, including a signed, numbered, silver gelatin print.
Retail: $800.00
Publication date: October 1, 2011
Edition size: 100



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